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DLB History

"Dem Ledesma Boyz" aka D.L.B. is a Hip Hop duo created and formed out of Wichita Falls (WF), Texas. The duo consists of Devin Ledesma & Ryan Ledesma.

Devin Ledesma (Born 7/7/94) and Ryan Ledesma (Born 10/05/95) started their life journey in Wichita Falls.

Their Mother (Born 1976), Dhara Patel, was flown to Wichita Falls Texas, from India at the age of 3. Their Father (Born 1975), Richie Ledesma, was born and raised in Wichita Falls, who's family had a long history of being involved in the Latin music scene & culture.

The boys parents became "high-school sweet-hearts" in the 90's but shortly split before the 2000's.

This lead to a few obstacles they'd have to face growing up. From being born into two different religious households (Hindu & Catholic) while growing up in the middle of the "Bible Belt", to surviving the struggles of poverty and a broken home.

Around the ages of 11 & 10, Devin & Ryan got their first taste of creating music in a real studio through their father who was a traveling musician & a Rapper/DJ in the local music scene of WF. The boys would later purchase their own studio equipment at ages 15 &14.

Since then, the two have been hard at work creating and recording music with their predecessors, peers, and other independent artists across the U.S.

In the last few years, they've released multiple projects for free online, as well as opening certain shows for Mike Jones, Bizzy Bone, T-Rell, & Krayzie Bone.

They have currently released their first debut album called "A.R.T. II" which is a follow up project to their Mixtape "A.R.T." on soundcloud. You can hear some of the singles on all major streaming platforms such as Itunes, Spotify, & Tidal, or purchase the album on our Home Page.

Listen to the sounds of some Texas natives, and allow D.L.B. to share their story with you through their music.




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Dem Ledesma Boyz



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